Jos Buurmans - Photographer
  • Jos Buurmans

Welcome to my photo gallery where I publish all my good photos.  I have selected some of my work for you that is displayed below.  Use the menu on the left to navigate this gallery and find more photos.  Enjoy!

Selected Work

  • Early sunrays over the Tuki Tuki valley

    Early sunrays over the Tuki Tuki valley

    This photo was taken from the top of Te Mata Peak, about a 15 minute drive from my home. It shows the Tukituki river winding its way through the valley to Hawke's Bay. In the distance you can see Napier.

  • Tawhai Falls, Tongariro National Park

    Tawhai Falls, Tongariro National Park

    The Tawhai Falls tumble over the edge of an ancient lava flow which erupted from Ruapehu many thousands of years ago.

  • The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia

    The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia

  • Wave and Bokeh Splash

    Wave and Bokeh Splash

  • One tree amongst many

    One tree amongst many

    This tree has intrigued me since the first time I travelled the West Coast of New Zealand in 1994.

  • Remarkable Queenstown Lights

    Remarkable Queenstown Lights

    This is the what you see on top of Bob's Peak at sunset. Bob's Peak is at the end of a steep ride on the Queenstown Gondola. Once on top, it provides magnificent panoramic views of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, and the Remarkables mountain range. It can get quite chilly on top though, even in summer!

  • Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo

    Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo

  • Boathouse on Marine Drive, Lowry Bay, Wellington

    Boathouse on Marine Drive, Lowry Bay, Wellington

  • Sunrays above Hopetoun Falls

    Sunrays above Hopetoun Falls

    The Hopetoun Falls is a waterfall across the Aire River that is located in The Otways region of Victoria, Australia. For a brief moment of time, the sun was out and created some lovely rays of sun in the thin mist above the waterfall.

  • Early morning mist in the hills of Hawke's Bay

    Early morning mist in the hills of Hawke's Bay

  • Misty Hawke's Bay Sunrise from Te Mata Peak

    Misty Hawke's Bay Sunrise from Te Mata Peak

  • Petone Pier

    Petone Pier

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