About - Jos Buurmans

Jos Buurmans

A keen photographer making the most of living in beautiful New Zealand and the occasional overseas trip.

Originally born in the Netherlands, I started taking and developing photos in Holland in my teens. I even had my own darkroom. I switched to digital after I moved to New Zealand, but gradually lost interest in photography due to family and work commitments. Now that the kids have grown up a bit, I have more time and I am back into it.  I love getting up early to capture the brilliant light, developing my photos in lightroom, and sharing them with you.

Most of my photos are landscapes, highlighting beautiful New Zealand, and especially Hawke's Bay and Wellington where I spent most of my time.  But I am gradually adding photos taken in other parts of New Zealand as well as other countries.

Although I am not a professional photographer, my photos are for sale to fund my hobby.  Please contact me if you would like to purchase a digital copy or a print.

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