River of Fog

Morning fog climbing up the Peak

Finally, a misty Te Mata Peak! I have been taking photos here for many years now, but for some reason I was never able to capture a photo of the Tukituki Valley covered in mist from the top of Te Mata Peak. Until now.

The view from Te Mata Peak usually features the Tukituki River flowing through the valley towards the bay. On the early morning these photos were taken, the morning fog was obscuring the river. In fact, a few minutes before these photos were taken, even the peak wasn't visible, and I thought I had to be satisfied with a moody long exposure of the rolling fog and a shot of Mt. Erin poking its head above the clouds.

Was this all I was going to see?

But luckily, the fog gradually gave way and exposed the mighty Te Mata Peak while the Tukituki river remained covered by this incredible river of fog.

The River of Fog

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