North Island

The North Island is where I spend most of my time while living in New Zealand.  This gallery includes photos of the Wellington area all the way to the top of the north as well as the Ruapehu district that is one of my favourite areas for photography of the North Island.

Hawke's Bay

Hawke's Bay is where I live and where I take most of my photos. Apart from sun, wine and food, Te Mata Peak is one of the key attractions of the Hawke's Bay.

Morning fog climbing up the Peak

The view from Te Mata Peak usually features the Tukituki river flowing towards the bay. On the day this photo was taken, the morning fog was obscuring the river. In fact, a few minutes before this photo was taken, even the peak wasn't visible.

I have a gallery dedicated to Hawke's Bay. Click on one of the photos below to have a look.


Wellington was my home for the first fifteen years after immigrating to New Zealand, and I continue to visit New Zealand's capital on a regular basis, because you can't beat it on a good day :-) 

Ruapehu District

The Ruapehu district is home to the Tongariro National Park that features the awesome volcanoes Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro.

Crater Rim towards Mt. Ngauruhoe

Taken while walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. The tiny people in the foreground put the enormousness of the crater and Mt. Doom into perspective.

Upper Tama Lake

This shot of the Upper Tama Lake and the conical peak of Mount Ngauruhoe is one of the rewarding views at the turning point of the Tama Lakes Walk in the Tongariro National Park. The climb up the scree slope to this view can be quite challenging due to its steepness and exposure to the freezing wind. However, the 360-degree view from the ridgeline is definitely worth it.

Tawhai Falls, Tongariro National Park

The Tawhai Falls tumble over the edge of an ancient lava flow which erupted from Ruapehu many thousands of years ago.


Whatawhata Morning Fog

The layers of blue, white and green in this photo of morning fog in the Waikato always make me think of a national flag.

A little research revealed that the national flag of Lesotho, a kingdom encircled by South Africa has such a flag. Also, someone suggested this as the new flag for New Zealand back in the days that we were debating replacing our current flag. The Blue represents the sky, the lakes and rivers, and the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea. White represents the long white cloud, the crests of waves and snow-capped mountain peaks. And Green represents the earth and the beautiful islands of New Zealand.

Bridal Veil Falls (top viewpoint)

The waterfall is the long-term result of a volcanic eruption that happened around 2 million years ago that spewed lava down a river valley, which then solidified over the older sandstone. This harder basalt then remained intact as water flowed over it and cut a deep pool in the softer sandstone underneath. The plunge from the top goes down 55 meters into a large 5-metre deep pool before it disappears into the thick bush. Photo Id: JAB_20191006_3702.

Other Locations

Manaia Road Saddle and Lookout

I took this photo at the end of the blue hour while on a short trip to the west coast of the Coromandel. I particularly like the layers of rich colours that add something special to this otherwise classic composition with the lone tree in the foreground and the islands in the background.

Too late to turnaround

A long exposure of Herbertville beach at Cape Turnagain, taken just before the weather turned to custard on Queens Birthday Weekend. This beach has wide, reflective sand flats that are ideal to capture the tidal and wave movement.

Tapeka Point Beach

Photo Id: JAB_20190131_9566.

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